You Pick your Favorites—Go through your child’s art choosing no fewer than 4 or 5 and no more than 12-15 possible original drawing, paintings, sketches, doodles, whatever appeals to you. You don’t have to know why you like it, just that it speaks to you somehow.

We Talk and Choose—in person or on-line (if you have digital capabilities you can send me photos) we chat about what you like in each piece, how each might be translated, what techniques are appropriate, size, color, where you picture it living in your home, and what format you’d like (framed piece, quilt, pillow, etc.). This process is followed by a written description of what we have agreed to do and a good faith estimate of timing and costs.

Delivery of Original Materials—To begin work I need the original pieces of art and any other items you choose to include (cloths, photos, charms, etc.) I promise to use the utmost care with your precious treasures and to return them to you in the same condition in which I received them. I get to work on your project. Some projects may require intermittent decision or consultations. When your piece is finished I contact you to determine how you’d like to obtain it.

Frameable pieces are archivally mounted on board but unframed.

All pieces are signed


What if I can’t choose just one piece of my child’s artwork?
It is easy to combine more than one drawing into a single piece. Check out “I am Hugh” and “It’s Barbie Mom”. Each of these included two different originals. The quality of the originals was highly varied.

How long does it take to get my finished piece?
Timing is discussed and agreed upon before I begin. I’ve never missed a deadline. I promise I’ll have it to you by the agreed upon date.

What does something like this cost?
Given the high variety of elements to be considered prices vary greatly. Factors that effect pricing include:

  • Format (framed piece, quilt or pillow) & Size
  • Techniques used (hand or machine embroidery, appliqué, beading, etc.)
  • Lettering – hand or machine $10.00 flat fee + $2.00/letter
  • Materials Costs & Shipping Fees