Apron Skirts

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The Hostess Skirt

The contrasting images evoked by the stereotypical 1950’s housewife wearing her matching kitchen apron, is turned upside down when these same aprons are reworked into sassy, flirty casual fashion for today’s woman. Each Hostess Skirt is a unique piece of wearable art. They are whimsical, humorous, colorful, comfortable and can be dressed up or kept casual.

When I inherited my grandmother’s and great-grandmother’s sewing paraphernalia among the treasures were several vintage cocktail aprons from the 1950’s. I was surprised with the fine needlework and captivated by their feminine dressiness. The aprons were of lovely floral prints, lace, fine detailing and hours of hand-embroidered designs on very fine fabrics. The aprons were more a fashion accessory than a practical item to protect a dress from the splatters and stains of kitchen duty.

The cocktail apron was emblematic of an era. Think June Cleaver, Donna Reed, or more recently, the Julianna Moore character in the film “Far From Heaven”. Our roles and attitudes as women have evolved dramatically since those days. It was the irony of using what was once a symbol of feminine subservience as the centerpiece for contemporary fashion that interested me in making the skirts.